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About us

Welcome to The Online Pantry page. Thank you for stopping by. Allow us the priviledge of informing you about who & what we are!

The idea of an online spice shop brewed in my husband's mind for quite a few years. It was not until we got married in 2012, that we decided to activate this idea. We thought it would be amazing to have spices, especially the ones we've used in Durban, to be accessible throughout the country and even more fantastic to have them delivered to your doorstep.

We aim to bring you quality, efficiency and more importantly great customer service. It's not always about how much spices you need to buy, but rather getting the ones which will work for you & your family's tastebuds. We're here to offer our guidance and advice in any way possible. Give us a call or drop us a mail should you wish to know anything further.


Rhonal Rampersad -

083 684 1820

Office Contact No.: 087 802 6216 (standard rates apply)